9-Complex Cream


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Containing antioxidants, Guerisson 9 Complex is highly moisturizing scar removal cream that boasts medicinal properties to relax stiff muscles & treating minor wounds effectively. Other than reducing inflammation; Guerisson scar removal cream is known to eliminate fine lines, removing hyper pigmentation & lightening the skin. The soft buttery texture melts into the skin immediately, retains moisture balance & improves the elasticity.

Using this exceptionally magical horse oil cream helps removal of stretch & surgery marks. Guerisson 9 complex scar removal cream contains horse oil that shares the chemical structure with human sebum. This similarity enhances the absorption of product & facilitates healing process. Even fading caesarian marks is now possible with Guerisson 9 complex scar removal cream.


70g / 2.5oz

How to Use:

Use as the last step of your skin care regimen. Apply a thin layer using gentle strokes.