Age Recovery 3pcs Special Set


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Professional anti-aging skin care line targeting the fundamental sources of skin aging

Hide Your Skin's Age: Dedicated anti-aging skin care line to fundamentally address skin aging.O HUI age recovery.

Baby collagen, featuring Type-3 collagen, a crucial element of youthful skin that reduces wrinkles and boosts elasticity. Baby collagen, improves skin's ability to reduce the look of wrinkles, transforming to a more youthful beginning with baby soft skin. 


anti wrinkle softener 150 ml
anti wrinkle intensive forming lift 150 ml
anti wrinkle firming cream 20 ml
anti wrinkle intensive firming eye cream 5 ml
anti wrinkle firming lift 3 ml
anti wrinkle skin softener 20 ml
anti wrinkle emulsion 20 ml

How To Use:

1. Cleansing Foam - 2. Skin Softener - 3. Essence - 4. Emulsion - 5. Eye Cream - 6. Cream