Canola Honey Lip Balm


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1. Containing natural Jeju canola honey extract,canola seed oil.
2. Mango seed butter moisturize lip and make it elastic.
3. Honey flavour.
4. Jeju canola honey and canola seed oil protect and moisturize lip.

Apply it anytime you fell dry

Shiny skin with Canola Honey Story
1.Super moisturizing canola honey line
Canola honey extract moisturizes skin and the canola honey oil form an external layers of the skin that prevent loss of moisture.
2.Jeju Canola Honey
Canola honey can be harvested only for a month,april and has plabonoid and protein.
3.Good for moisturizing
Honey,consist of more than 80% of sugar(glucose,fructose)which have close structure to water,pull and absorb the moisture.
4.Canola honey oil,integrated all energy of canola flower.
It contains monounsaturated fat and tocopherol which strengthen the skin barrier.