Dr Belmeur

Clarifying Facial Toner


- +
Application of Skin-syncRxTM to aid in serenity and moisturization of sebum care and skin, including beta-glucan, caramelized mushroom ingredients, blue-skin extract

nine no-additions
parabens, synthetic pigments, artificial aromas, triethanolamine, mineral oils, benzophenon-3, animal ingredients, propylene glycol, talc

100 percent impact
Use of natural effects such as tea tree leaf oil, vergamot thermal oil, rosemary leaf oil, lime oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, etc.

Completed skin irritation test
Non-Comedo Genic Test Completion

How to Use:
After washing the face, remove the appropriate amount of makeup and gently wipe it off with the skin texture, then pat it down to absorb it.