Gauze Peeling Lemon


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Gentle exfoliating pad that offers all the benefits of chemical and mechanical exfoliating in one. It provides gentle yet effective exfoliation of dead skin cells and impurities.(30 pads) Dead skin cells are sloughed off the surface of the skin using the unique 3 layer pad technology. Leaves skin smooth & purified with a youthful glow. Dermatologist tested. Perfect for all skin type.

Lemon: Double Peeling Synergy, Clear skin, Skin Care, Mild peeling ingredient


200ml / 30 Pads

How to Use:

1. After cleansing, slip your fingers into the sleeve of the gauze peeling wine pad so that the criss-crossed gauze side is facing down. Use gentle, circular motions all over a dry face and neck, working your way up to your forehead.

2. Rotate the pad so that quilted side is facing down. Swipe the softer side across the face to pick up the remaining debris.

3. Rinse with warm water.