Morocvita Argan Oil


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TRON MorocVita Oil key point is Argan oil, Argan oil is an all-natural, organic chemical-free, beauty marvel that really works. Produced from the Argan tree in semi-deserts of Morocco, Argan oil has been used by Moroccan women for centuries for it's nutritional and cosmetic benefits. Argan oil is an incredibly rich source of vitamin E and essential fatty acids. It has astonishing healing, conditioning and anti-aging properties to keep your skin and hair nourished and revitalized. Many hair problems such as dry hair, lacking in shine and hair with frizz can be solved with the use of this wonder oil.

Alcohol Free, Non-greasy and Oil-free and For all hair types
Reduce drying time, Repairs damaged hair
Color & UV Protection, Shiny and silky to touch
Immediately absorbed, Resore the lost moisture
Weightless, Great for taming frizzy, unmanageable hair


4 oz / 200 ml

How to Use:

1. After shampoo: gently dry hair with towel after shampoo. Apply a suitable amount of serum onto hair. Apply more to hair ends and damaged areas. Blow dry. 
2. On dry hair: Apply a suitable amount to hair ends and drier areas for silky and shiny results.