Shiny Foot Super Peeling Liquid


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This is a peeling liquid for feet which takes care of tired & rough feet clean & bad odor of feet freshly.
It soothes skin stress & gives deep moisturizing to the feet & removes dead cells strongly.
Peppermint & Lavender & Argan oil & Urea which are good for moisturizing are contained


25 ml

How to Use:

1. Put on the sheet for feet.
2. Pour the liquid in the the sheet. Fix the ankle tightly using tape and wait until the content is absorbed ( Recommended time : one hour or one hour and a half)
3. When lead time is over, Take off the foot sheet and rinse off the feet fully with water and get rid of the moisture.
4. 4-6 days later after using this product, Dead cells on feet begin to come out.
You should wait until dead cells finish coming out naturally .
And then Spread the inserted foot cream on your feet all voer like doing massage.