Wonder Ceramide Mocchi(Mochi) Toner


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Our hypoallergenic, alcohol-free, and irritant-free toner is formulated with ingredients that are all rated EWG Green, making this gentle formula perfect to use on all skin types.
The nourishing ceramides work to penetrate deep into the skin for longer-lasting hydration and more transformative results. 
Vitamin B and Hyaluronic Acid provides an additional burst of hydration, so skin looks stronger and healthier with each use.
How to Use:
For normal skin:
1.After cleansing skin, soak a cotton pad with toner and sweep over face to remove remaining toxins and impurities from skin.
2.Gently pat remaining toner until fully absorbed.
3.Follow up with remaining skincare routine.

For dry, dehydrated skin:
1.Following the 7 Skin method, apply toner with clean, bare hands.
2.Gently pat into the skin until fully absorbed.
3.Repeat 7 times.
4.Follow up with remaining skincare routine.

For very dry or combination skin:
1.Soak several cotton pads with toner.
2.Place soaked cotton pads around face like a sheet mask or apply pads to specific areas of the face that feel dry (i.e. cheeks, forehead, nose, etc.)
3.Remover pads after 10 mins.
4.Gently pat remaining toner until fully absorbed.
5.Follow up with remaining skincare routine.

For all-day hydration:
1.Dispense the toner into a clean, empty mist bottle.
2.Spray toner as mist throughout the day as needed for continued hydration.